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'71 Datsun 510 four door

Drivetrain: L-20b bored .5mm, Z-22E crank and rods, Z-20E pistons. Heavily "massaged" round port L-20b head, Web agressive street cam. 245mm flywheel, Z five speed, 3.35:1 R180 diff. VW Rabbit aluminum radiator.

Suspension/Brakes: Front: 280ZX struts, Carrera coil-overs w/ 200lb/inch springs. VW Rabbit Tokico adjustable struts inserts. TEP street camber plates. Polyurethane bushings. .25 inch wheel spacers, longer wheel studs.

Rear: Turn Six springs. BRE sway bar, slotted crossmember, 200SX rear disk brakes.

Interior: Gutted, MR2 seats, four point custom roll-bar. Autometer gauges (temp, oil pressure, tach, air/fuel ratio). That's about it.

Wheels/Tires: Performance Superlites 13X6 with 185/60-13 Yokohama AVS Intermediates.

From the pictures it looks like Crush has been neglected, but really she is just taking some time off. She had a hard year last year, too many "guest" drivers at the autocrosses, and she was lent to a friend whose VW was having problems. The grass grows quickly here in Indiana so she is up to her hubs in it, but she does in fact run. I have a set of Weber 40DCOEs on a Cannon intake read to go on when time permits. I also have a Subaru VLSD from a 2.5RS Imprezza to swap in at a later date. The dash is still a work-in-progress. Hopefully when I get moved into our new house, I will be able to return her to her former glory.

Even more PICTURES of Crush!