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About Jeremy's Dime - JINX

Jinx is a 72 datsun 510 who was a California car most of his life as far as I know.

When I was a truck driver I ended up staying at my Uncles house in Cali for Labor Day 1999. As we talked I found out his son had a Datsun 510 that had been fixed up quite a bit, maybe too much as he had gotten WAY too many tickets and had gotten it impounded by the CHP!

He was pretty broke and didn't have cash for the tow, storage, and other fees. He had quite a few personal belongings in the car also and realized he wasn't going to get the car or his stuff back, so he offered me the car for FREE if I payed all the fines and fees to get it out so that he could at least get back his personal stuff.

I did some quick scrounging and left the money with my uncle who went and picked up the car for me the next week. About 3 weeks later I got a load going from WA to NM, so I took the long way and dropped down into Cali and picked up the car and brought it home on the flat bed.

When i got home to ABQ I unloaded the car and was in heaven!!

It had a hot L18, big webber dgv, Offenhauser intake manifold , headers, 3.90 diff, CD player, 5spd, MSD, EI ignition, and lots of other little goodies, was very low and fast!

Too fast maybe!

With in the first few hours of driving it.....

...I got nailed by a New Mexico Highway Patrol Camero on I-40 I was doing 73mph with a 55mph speed limit!


That is when the car got its name Jinx, So far it hasn't continued to live up to its name and I hope the trend continues.