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Welcome to the New Mexico United Five-Ten Owners Page

We are only about 4-6 members strong now but we hope that number increases over the next few months!

This site was built just for fun and to share information about us and the cars we all love. There is a lot of really cool 510 stuff to be found here. Most of which I borrowed from the old "Ugly Datsun Page" that my very dear friend James Spalding created.(Thanks again James!!)

Anyone that lives here in New Mexico should email us so we can all meet up and I would also like to feature a MEMBER Profile so also SEND PICTURES of your rides !!

I will be also adding a lot of other stuff as time goes on, We will attempt to update the site as often as we can. Suggestions and any other information you'd like to contribute would be greatly appreciated so please e-mail us at

Hope you enjoy the Ride!

Richard Cordova + Wayne Barela

We'd like to thank you again for visiting our NMUFO website and PLEASE visit our Guestbook and Forum (links on bottom of the page!)



  • Sorry for not updating the site in over a year.
  • More updates coming very soon!
  • NEW MEXICO UFO will be having a 510 Meet again this year on 5-13-06 - Details below!!!
  • AGAINST ALL ODDS will be available on DVD-R here on this site!
  • SSS replica emblems coming soon with BUY-IT-NOW buttons and FREE shipping!!!

    This informal gathering is open to all classic DATSUNS, we are going to have a gathering on MAY 13 so we can all meet and possible discuss the forming of a new All Datsun Club, have a good time with other Datsun enthusiasts and show off your beloved Datsun be it a 510, 210, 200sx, 1200, B210, 521, 621, Z or a beat-up old F10!

    PLEASE feel free to stop by even if you do not drive a Datsun but are interested in the cars.

  • WHEN - Saturday, May 13, 2006 RAIN OR SHINE! 2:00 PM - 5:00+ PM
  • WHERE - LOS ALTOS PARK, Albuquerque N.M. (Parking Lot behind or next to the Sonic)
  • REMEMBER - to pack plenty of water, snacks (but Sonic is right there), a camera and maybe some collapsible chairs!

    For more information or directions, contact Richard at NewMexicoUFO(@)

    Enjoy the Ride Folks !!!!

    Datsun Memorabilia and Parts for Sale or Trade!!
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    Pictures of our Datsun's
    Datsun Modification Articles
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    Various Tables Of Handy L-series Info
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    Handy Glossary of Datsun 510 terms!
    a neat little thing
    Ripped artical called BLOODLINES from SCC!!!!!!!
    Cool reading!
    Friends of New Mexico UFO
    Datsuns from around the World!
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    Fellow Club Links!

    E.O.D.O. (Eastern Oregon Datsun's Owners)
    An AWESOME fellow 510 site!
    N.D.O.A. (Northwest Datsun's Owners Association)
    An AWESOME fellow 510 site!

    For more information about NMUFO

    Contact Richard at

    Word to the Spookies...