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The sad sad Pulsar

'87 Nissan Pulsar NX SE Twin Cam 16 valve: Stock, doesn't run at this time, has bad injectors.

This car makes me very sad. It was awesome when I bought it, well as awesome as a stock N13 can be anyway. Then it got backed into twice by a bad driving neighbor, then the injectors went bad, I replaced them with (aparently) the wrong ones, now it just won't run.

The '87 Pulsar twin cams came with two different types of injectors, I ordered a set from a local parts place and they didn't ask what color dot my stock injectors had, the car has not really run much since I put them in, and since I turned my stock injectors in as a core, I have no idea what kind I need, or what kind I have for that matter. Another priority when I get the new garage ready is to fix the injector problem and find a good loving home for this little jem!