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Some of the following articles were also taken from the now MIA - "Ugly Datsun Page" and are explanations of how James tricked out Orange Crush and or how Andy's (I'm still real mad you stole then blew-out my U-67 head JERK!!) Wagon were modified.

As James stated "They are not necessarily the right way to do everything. They are just the way we did them."

So If you try these mods and fail IT'S NOT OUR FAULT. Please only attempt these Mod's only if you have the skill or money to correct your mistakes!!!!!!

If there is an easier way to do these Mods OR you have done other mods yourself please please inform us and we will try to make a note of it.

Drive Happy...

Shortening your Half Shafts
Fitting An R-200 Rear End In A 510 Sedan
Electronic Ignition Upgrade
Far Superior Side Marker Lights
Installing Vaccuum Assisted Brakes on a Datsun 510
Datsun Partscars and Their Desirable Parts.
Upgrading Your Front Brakes.
Adding Modern Conveniences to Your 510's Interior.
Chris McFearin's Drive Wheel HP Calculator thingy of Science
Ghetto Short Shifter
6.5 Inch Speaker pods for the doors!
BIG sound for the little Dime

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