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Patís Z Car - Fairlady Zoe

She's a 1986 300ZX GL (KHL-JAU model) I bought on 8/4/03 from her 3rd master. I am owner #4. I was in a pinch to find a new daily driver after the untimely death of Lydia the Fourth's (my 92 NX2000 that's resting in all my cars death spot at my parents) front brake system.

After 2 miserable weeks of searching for a Datsun/Nissan with an automatic, I found Zoe in all her glory in this cat Dean's driveway. Dean was the dream seller that was super honest about Zoe's faults and history to the best of his knowledge. She was traded to a contractor for work of an undisclosed nature; the contractor had her repainted right before she was sold to Dean. Dean had big plans of putting in the twin turbo kit off another 300zx he had found in Minnesota.

He got her new rims and rubber (215/45R-17 Phantom HRX on 17 x 7 Helo Bezel rims on 12/13/02) and hardly drove her in the 7 months he owned her. She had 112,364 original miles on her when I bought her. She's all stock as far as I can tell and the engine (VG30E 3.0 liter V6) has absolutely NO oil leaks anywhere amazingly enough. Her automatic tranny (E4N71B 4 speed w/OD) is a little worn and she doesn't pack quite the punch she used to but that's expected for any car with 112k miles on it.

She's gonna need new shocks and a differential (R200) gasket eventually but I have put about 500 miles on her and haven't had any problems yet. All in all she's a great looker and got plenty of power to get me around and drive aggressively through Denver's hellacious traffic. All stock and a little beaten but she can still smoke most Hondas and other honky cars she's had to battle with!

In the future I hope to upgrade her suspension and fuel intake system (240sx throttle body and maybe new injectors?)

Stay tuned to find out what happens!


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