These are some simple calculations for Horsepower, Displacement, and Compression Ratio.
These figures are approximations and should not be taken as absolutes, only baseline figures.

Horsepower from 1/4 mile ET or Trap Speed:

Choose one:       Compute from ET        Compute from trap speed

Please enter the weight of the vehicle.

Please enter the 1/4 mile ET of the vehicle or

Please enter the trap speed of the vehicle.

This is the approxiamte HP of the vehicle at the rear(or front) wheels.

Engine Displacement:

Choose one:      Inches          Millimeters

Please enter the bore of the engine.

Please enter the stroke of engine.

Please enter the number of cylinders.

This is the approximate displacement of the engine.

Compression Ratio:

Enter the combustion chamber displacement.

Enter the cylinder displacement.

Approximate Compression Ratio

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