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New Mexico UFOs

Our cars in all their greatness...

This section is dedicated to all of our members and their Datsunís. You will also find pictures of some Unidentified Five-Tens and a few random AWESOME Datsunís

WE are driven.

Members Dimes

Richard's Rides
Datsun's and Volkswagen's oh my!
Pat's Ride
It's a Z-Car but it's still a Nissan!
Wayne's Ride
I need more pictures of your other cars!
Jeremy's Ride
I need more pictures of your other cars!
John's Rides
BMW's - He needs a Datsun!
James's Rides
One of the original MEMBERS!
Randy's Ride
I saw this guy once and never again :(
Andy's former Ride
Another NM dimer sells his ride.... :(
Jon Mabrey's Ride - HL510 Wagon!
Honorary Member of NMUFO
"Greg Thompson's 1963 Pick-up
Honorary Member of NMUFO

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Contact Richard at NewMexicoUFO(@)

More to Come... Stay Tuned...
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